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My Styling Philosphy

My goal is to alleviate the time, overwhelm, and stress of shopping and planning your everyday outfits giving you a wardrobe you love so you can elevate with ease in your personal life and career.

Personal style is about embodying a feeling through your clothing. Confident, sexy, boss, success, sexy, masculine, soft, etc.

I take a personal development approach to my styling services by starting with a client's mindset in order to break free from negative thinking patterns around their wardrobe and shopping habits.

I believe in setting an intentional foundation for your wardrobe. This includes shopping and creating outfits for you that give you multiple uses, creating your style based on who you are and what you are evolving into and not what's "trendy".

Styling Services

Photoshoot Styling

Your brand speaks for your image before you do.

The Photoshoot Styling service aligns your image with your brand and the message you want to convey for your headshot, brand photos, professional photos, milestones like birthdays and anniversaries, etc.

In this service I relieve you of the overwhelm of outfit planning, shopping, and prepping for your photoshoot by assuming all of the wardrobe responsibilities so all you have to do is show up the day of your photoshoot and have fun.

Investment: $600 for styling items you already own and $850 for shopping + styling.

Pay in full or payment plan options available. Virtual and in person options.

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Styling Services

Event Styling

Whether you are attending an industry conference, networking event, booked for a speaking engagement, celebrating a milestone birthday or event.

The Event Styling service covers you from head to toe for your next professional or personal related event.

Investment: $600 for styling items you already own and $850 for shopping + styling.

Pay in full or payment plan options available. Virtual and in person options.

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Styling Services

Lifestyle styling

Think of me as your style genie for this package.

I provide 1:1 style support for 3-6 months: creating, shopping, and ordering all of your wardrobe needs for your day to day wardrobe such as workwear, weekend wear, impromptu shopping, outfits designed for everyday of your week.

Imagine having 24/7 access to a digital closet with everything from your physical closet laid out for you to see.

Investment: Starts at $2,200.00 pay in full or payment plan options available.

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"If you need a professional/personal stylist Vic Delane Styling is your answer. Victoria is amazing at putting together styles for whatever occasion or event. She put together 8 awesome styles for me for a trip to Brazil this summer that I am still rocking. Why not look good and live your best life."

-Jeremy C.

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"I have a lot more style confidence now-I think I’ve got a nice personal style and can surprise myself. Her services are not simply about clothes, but about bettering your existence as a person."

-Allyson A.

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"I’ve always loved clothes and shoes but never knew how to put them together to let others see my personality through my clothes. I’d get compliments on single pieces but never an entire look.

Fast forward to present day, after working with Vic Delane Styling, I have the confidence to put looks together on my own from simple inspiration from other looks Victoria has crafted specifically for me. I get complimented daily inside and outside of work on my wardrobe!

I don’t dress for the compliments, I dress for me but it’s an added bonus that people take the time to compliment me, a stranger at times! I’ll never let Victoria quit me!"

-Raquel C.

"Jonathan Patterson's commitment to theater is unparalleled among his generation."

Director Troy Gilberts

"I loved everything about my experience. I have more confidence in my wardrobe. I loved how Victoria made me think outside of the box and really made me think about what I truly wanted for myself and photoshoot."

-Bria F.

"Victoria is amazing, she knows how to listen to her clients needs/wants even when you aren't speaking them to her - that's a true gift. Victoria has styled me for a few events and every time its a knockout. Any compliment I receive about my outfit, I always say my stylist made it happen and that's exactly what Victoria does, make it happen!"

-Jateria P.

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